March 26, 2020

Bulgaria’s SSC Suspends Eurofootball License

Bulgaria’s SSC Suspends Eurofootball License

The State Gambling Commission (SCC) of Bulgaria has suspended the license of Eurofootball, the country’s oldest sports betting operator, for three months due to unpaid betting taxes.

According to the commission, the operator had BGN 328.9 million in unpaid state fees and interest. Under Bulgaria’s gambling act, the SCC has the right to suspend the license of any operator with debts amounting over BGN 5,000 and no collateral.

These fees are mainly from gambling taxes, which are fixed at 15% of turnover for sports betting and 20% of revenue for games of chance. Eurofootball, according to the commission, paid its sports betting taxes based only on revenue, instead of turnover.

Eurofootball struck back at the SCC’s destruction with its message on its website with the caption “Another destruction of Bulgarian business leaves thousands of families without income.”

“We would like to point out that Eurofootball OOD has been around for almost 30 years and has always paid the due state fees in accordance with the Gambling Act, which were explicitly approved by the Minister of Finance directly and by the State Gambling Commission,” the operator said in its message.

“In order to protect the interest and the name of the business, Eurofootball took all necessary and possible measures, according to the Bulgarian and European legislation, but the government used the whole repressive apparatus of the state against our team and the lawyers involved in the case.” It added.

According to Eurofootball, the SCC took “systematic illegal actions” against them to allow non-Bulgarian betting operators in the country.

The operator added that the move would endanger almost 800 point-of-sale partners, 2,300 employees and the people of Bulgaria as a whole due to loss of tax revenue.

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