October 1, 2020

Buenos Aires allows gaming hall operators to apply for online licenses

Buenos Aires allows gaming hall operators to apply for online licenses

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Buenos Aires, Argentina –The capital city of Argentina will allow gaming hall operators to apply for online licenses, after a resolution submitted by local regulator Loteria de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (LotBA) was passed.

Under regulations which were approved this year, retail betting and gaming hall operators were barred from applying for online licenses. This was mainly due to concerns that this would result to “monopolistic practices” by brick and mortar operators.

But after the legality of this clause was challenged by gaming hall operators, LotBA published a resolution withdrawing the prohibition, which was approved by the Buenos Aires legislature. Betting shop operators are still prohibited from moving online, however.

Resolution No. 231/120 was approved by a 27-5 margin, with 26 lawmakers choosing to abstain.

New Gambling Laws

The city also passed a new set of gambling laws and regulations aimed at improving player protection.

Under Law 6331, all gaming halls must put up display signs that read “compulsive gambling is harmful to your health” and also display a gambling addiction support phone line and website. This sign has to take up at least 25% of the area of the building door.

Meanwhile, ATMs are not allowed to be installed inside or within 200 meters of gambling halls. Electronic forms of payments may not be accepted, and clocks have to be displayed prominently as well.

Gambling advertising is not allowed to be directed towards minors and should warn them of the consequences of harmful gambling.

The creation of a city-wide self-exclusion register is also in the works, with players being able to exclude themselves for at least six months.

The regulations will come into effect within 120 days.

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