January 27, 2021

BoscaSports sign partnership with PA Betting services

BoscaSports sign partnership with PA Betting services

Sports display platform BoscaSports has just signed a partnership pwith PA Betting Services, a known global sports editorial and data supplier.

Under the agreement, premium content from PA Betting Services will be regularly recharged across BoscaSports’ unparalleled range of display screens in retail betting environments in North America, Europe, Ireland, and in the UK.

BoscaSports will take on PA Betting Services’ expertise in sports coverage, data collection, and content production in all major sports to develop eye-catching displays at scale and in multiple languages. The partnership will cover sports such as football, horse and greyhound racing, golf, tennis, and more in the future.

The partnership corresponds to an escalated move towards fully paperless environments aross the retail betting industry. With an end-to-end content & display solution for retailers, BoscaSports and PA Betting Servies will allow brands to publish unique promotions, customize sprots betting content to local outlets and execute cost efficiencies.

Improving Betting Activity

BoscaSports and PA Betting Services will also collaborate to develop new products geared towards improving betting activity, creating new revenue streams for retail operators and taking advantage of international growth opportunities.

“This partnership is a hugely significant step for BoscaSports to bring its digital platform to a global sports betting audience. PA Betting Services is providing world-class content across a range of sports and we are now making that available to retailers in any market in a simple, cost effective way, and with a proven track record on delivering innovation,” Eugene Mitchell, BoscaSports CEO, said.

“We can also provide it in the local language through our automated translation engine which we recently launched in the Italian marketplace,” he added.

“Combining our expertise in sport editorial, data and content production with BoscSports’ cutting edge display technology will provide a much richer experience for passionate sports fans using retail betting shops around the world,” Richard Duncan, Head of Business Development, Racing and Sports Betting at PA Media Group, said.

“The Scale of BoscaSports’ digital display network will not only broaden the reach of our premium content, but also will allow retail environments to reflect the dynamism of the sports they cover,” he added.

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