November 18, 2021

Bidstack expands simulation games portfolio with Dovetail Games

Bidstack expands simulation games portfolio with Dovetail Games

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Leading in-game advertising and video game monetization platform Bidstack recently announced the inclusion of three new and exclusive titles from Dovetail games to its portfolio of simulation titles.

The hyper-realistic simulation games, available across console and PC platforms, have millions of fans in key markets including the UK, USA and Germany. This move brings digital hobbies to life for gamers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Under this partnership, Bidstack will deliver brand experiences into these virtual environments and create a new revenue stream for Dovetail Games, and at the same time maintaining the authenticity of their titles.

Simulation Games

The hyper-realistic simulation games Train Sim World 2, Train Simulator 2022, and Bassmaster Fishing 2022, are the best environments to host non-intrusive in-game ads as they have natural spaces and surfaces where one can expect to see ads in their day-to-day lives such as platform billboards, train liveries and around competitive fishing contests, mirroring real-life experiences.

Train Simulator 2022 (available for PC only) and Train Sim World 2 (available on PC and Console), are considered to be the ultimate hobby games for those who are looking to take control of real, licensed locomotives on high-speed services, international real-world routes, and long freight hauls. The games are created on the Unreal Engine platform, providing top-notch graphical fidelity and new levels of realism, thanks to Dovetail’s SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022, the third title included in Bidstack’s portfolio, was launched on October 28, 2021. Players can experience the thrill of competitive bass fishing to eight real-world fishing locations including Lake Ray Roberts, Sabine River, and St. John’s River in this game. Players can play as 10 Elite Series professionals and compete with each other to win angling immortality and the Bassmaster Classic. The game also runs on the Unreal Engine, which allows players to immerse in the beautiful environment and world of Bassmaster Fishing.

“I am excited to bring this next level of authenticity to our games. Our players are passionate enthusiasts who enjoy spending their time in the worlds we have created and this partnership will bring real world brands into these worlds, adding another layer of detail into the simulation or us,” Gemma Johnson-Brown, Dovetail Gams Chief Operating Officer, said.

“These beautiful photo-realistic environments offer seamless placements for branding that enhance the gaming experience through the implementation of our technology. The opportunity to reach passionate enthusiasts through the Dovetail Games portfolio is an effective way for brands to extend their real-life sponsorships into the virtual realm,” Antoine Jullemier, Bidstack Head of Supply, said.

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