November 19, 2019

BetBlocker approved as a charity in the UK

BetBlocker approved as a charity in the UK

Betblocker has been approved as a charity in the UK. The responsible gambling app was funded and developed by, an alternative dispute mediation service provider.

The BetBlocker app allows users to self-exclude themselves from gambling by blocking access to over 6,700 betting sites. The minute a user activates the block, they won’t be able to undo this until the exclusion period ends.

BetBlocker includes both licensed and unlicensed brands, and users can restrict themselves from illegal gambling services not covered under the UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) rules and regulations.

“We started BetBlocker to assist vulnerable players who were complaining to our service about gambling operators,” Duncan Garvie, manager said. “The project has proved to be far more popular than we ever expected and has expanded far beyond the original user base it was intended to help,” he added.

Garvie also said, “It has become abundantly clear that the service that BetBlocker offers is one that a large number of people could benefit from.”

Getting Additional Funding

BetBlocker will be seeking out new partners in the gambling industry to get additional funding. The organization also seeks additional support as an approved charity. Garvie mentioned that BetBlocker would put its focus on working together with partners dedicated to responsible gambling.

Consumers are also encouraged to make a donation to Betblocker, but the app will continue to be “free-to-use” for all players.

“There are many organizations, both charitable and businesses, within the gambling industry that see providing assistance to those experiencing gambling addiction as a priority and we have no doubt that cooperation with other groups will help ensure that BetBlocker continues to grow and develop in a manner that ensures that it offers the most useful service possible,” said Garvie.

“We will accept donations from players where they choose to give, but the best action players can take to help the BetBlocker project is to contribute to us via the Amazon Smile program. This program allows Amazon users to trigger a small additional donation to BetBlocker at no extra cost to themselves every time they purchase something through the online retailer,” he added.

Garvie also said that making small contributions in such manner guarantees that BetBlocker remains available to anyone who needs support to control their gambling addiction.

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