October 28, 2020

Belgium relaxes capacity restrictions for casinos

Belgium relaxes capacity restrictions for casinos

Brussels, Belgium –The Belgian government announced that it has relaxed several novel coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions on land-based gambling venues in the country. The Belgian government will now allow up to 200 people inside a casino at one time.

All land-based gambling venues were previously only allowed to accept a maximum of 40 people on site. But as the government started to relax its restrictions, this number has been increased, provided that there is only one customer per 10 square meters.

The 40-person limit, however, will remain in place for betting agencies and gambling halls for a long while, again with the requirement that these venues ensure there is only one customer for every 10 square meters.

Casinos, gaming halls and betting shops in the Walloon region, meanwhile, are allowed to operate until 9:30 pm only. The venues in the Liège, on the other hand, can only operate until 8:00 pm.

Gambling venues in the Flemish region are only allowed to stay open from 6:00 am until 11:30 pm—unless they were instructed to shut earlier.

Meanhile, in the Brussels region, casinos, betting offices and gaming rooms are not allowed to reopen. Bookstores with game rooms are also not yet allowed to reopen.

Other restrictions, such as gambling venues not allowed to serve food or drinks, remain in place. Customers are also required to register upon entry in compliance with the country’s contact tracing efforts.

Customers are also required to wear a mask in casinos and gambling halls, in compliance with nationwide regulations imposed since July.

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