April 9, 2020

Belgium Gaming Commission Introduces €500 Stake Limit during Lockdown Period

Belgium Gaming Commission Introduces €500 Stake Limit during Lockdown Period

The Belgian Gaming Commission has presented a mandatory weekly €500 stake limit for players on all licensed websites in the country. This move comes during a time when the country is on lockdown due to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

Players can request a discount of the limit from individual operators, which must be accepted right away. Those who reduce their spending cap can have it increased once more to any amount up to €500 three days after asking for a higher limit.

The Commission encouraged everyone to report licensees who fail to comply with the limits imposed. Operators who do not abide by the limits will be sanctioned by the Commission and funds above the limit lost by players will be refunded.

The Belgian Gaming Commission announced the appointment of Magali Clavie as its new president on April 6.

Clavie, who was former president of the Superior Council of Justice, will replace Etienne Marique. Clavie will be assisted in the role by Eva De Koninck, recently appointed as the organization’s interim director.

The Commission published some guidelines for consumers to protect themselves from gambling-related harm during the lockdown period last week.

“While gambling has never been the solution to any problem, the current situation could see people spending more time on the internet especially on gaming sites,” the BGC said. “In addition, many people lose social control because they are alone at home,” it added.

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