October 31, 2019

Australia Will Use Facial Recognition To Restrict Access To Online Pornography And Gambling

Australia Will Use Facial Recognition To Restrict Access To Online Pornography And Gambling

The Australian government plans to approve the use of facial recognition systems in hopes of restricting underage access to online gambling and pornography sites.

The Department of Home Affairs proposed the use of facial recognition technology to detect and restrict access for minors because it also suggested age verification by matching a person’s photo with a document already collected by Home Affairs. 

In a letter written to a parliamentary committee reviewing the proposal, the Department of Home Affairs wrote: “This could assist in age verification, for example by preventing a minor from using their parent’s driver’s license to circumvent age verification controls.”

The department also added, “In our client work, there have been cases of children sexually assaulting younger children in ways they have learned from watching pornography.”

Although facial recognition systems, when used properly, can help restrict underage online gamblers, it has come under fire because of allegations on encroaching an individual’s privacy.

Last week, in the U.S. Ceasar’s Harrah’s Casino in Illinois was charged for the use of facial recognition technology. The lawsuit states that the casino uses facial recognition technology that openly violates the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

The lawsuit also indicates that the gambling facility did not provide “any following written policy” after they started using facial recognition systems at the venue.

Earlier this year, a Bloomberg report claimed that Macau casino operators “are starting to deploy hidden cameras, facial recognition technology, digitally-enabled poker chips, and baccarat tables to track which of their customers are the most likely to lose huge amounts of money.

By using Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms, casino operators assess each customer’s “appetite for risk.” This helps casinos generate more revenue because the more money is wagered, the more the house wins.

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