March 31, 2020

“Astro Roulette” produced by 1×2 Gaming: Betrnk Features

“Astro Roulette” produced by 1×2 Gaming: Betrnk Features

1×2 Gaming produced a unique roulette wheel game, Astro Roulette. This unique experience gives the traditional game an interesting twist and enables punters to bet something different other than colours and numbers. The return to the player is 97.3%.

Theme & Design

This game lets you think about the stars and where your luck is. During gameplay, you will find a game that is similar to European Roulette but with a different symbol. It’s related to Chinese roulette but has a diverse character instead of numbers the symbols are substitute with star signs.

It brings on the theme of astrology and has background music that will keep you relaxed while still predicting where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. The graphics have done superbly enabling players to play and enjoy this game without difficulty.

Game Features

There are no paylines in Astro Roulette, however, you will notice that you can make various types of betsYou have to predict correctly where the roulette wheel will land so you can get a reward. There are no special characters to consider in this game, but rather the type of bet you place.

Before starting this game, you must first set your chosen bet using the coin chip displayed on the right side of the screen. After selecting the chip you want, you will place it in a particular layout section. Depending on your bank account, you can place several bets on the game table before the ball is rolled on the roulette wheel. 

Once you are good with the bet, you can click the play button at the bottom right of the game screen. This causes the ball to spin on the roulette wheel and within seconds the ball stops at a certain area on the roulette wheel. A straight-up bet will grant a huge payout of up to 11:1

The whole setting and design is a bonus itself and will fascinate any punters aiming to have a different gaming experience. Furthermore, Astro Roulette is exciting and fun to play and offers players a higher chance of winning. Sign in and play now at betrnk!

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