September 17, 2019

All you need to know about Dragon Tiger

All you need to know about Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger was first introduced in Cambodia and its popularity has grown all throughout other Asian countries. This game is very easy to play for everyone, including beginners. It is based purely on chance and luck. Players can either compete with other players or dealers but leave their fate to the card.

How to Play 

Dragon Tiger is a two-card version of baccarat and played with a standard deck of cards without a joker or wild cards. To be more specific, two cards are drawn, one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger. Players will bet on which they think will be the higher. Kings are the Highest and Ace is the lowest. A dealing shoe consisting of 6 to 8 decks are used and can be changed when one deck is left.  

Rules Of The Game

Dragon Tiger has only two simple rules: 

1. Aces are the lowest and picture cards are the highest 

2. If both hands receive the same card, resulting in a draw, the casino will take the wager. 

How to Bet

  • Hand Bet – This is the basic placed bet, on which a player can simply bet on either Dragon or Tiger. 
  • Tie Bet – Basically, it is not a recommended bet. Tie bet usually pays 8/1 and its main agenda is making bettors big bucks. A player can bet on which hand will result in a draw. However, a tie bet is sometimes a rare win and the casino still takes a portion of the wager.
  • Small and Big Bets – Small bets are for card values under 7 (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ) and Big bets are for card values over 7 ( 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K ). For example, small bets in a Dragon means a player betting that Dragon will have a card value lower than 7. The wager also loses if a card drawn is 7.
  • Suit Bet – Players can also bet on a particular suit that will be drawn, the wager pays 3:1 on a correct suit. Again you will lose if your suit selected does not appear and the casino will take the wager when a 7 appears. Players need to be aware of how many suits have been drawn versus the one that is left in the deck. 

Counting the Cards 

In this you need to count the cards that are played, you need to know the number the house plays to increase the chance of winning. A player can keep an eye on the 7s dealt as having any 7 in the game means a draw in which the wager will lose. 

How Long Does a Game Round Take? 

The betting round is strictly 15 seconds, and every game rounds have 25 seconds each. 

Where Can You Play? 

Dragon Tiger can be found in a gaming lobby in the traditional casinos. And of course, you can play in most evolution live casinos. 

What Device Can You Play On? 

Dragon Tiger can be played on all devices. If mobile you can choose whether to use landscape or portrait mode.


Keeping track of either both suits or big card and a small card can be an edge. It can be easiest since there are only four possibilities. Most players simply follow the draw of luck.

The simplicity of the game doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to play. What’s great about this game is the presentation of the table, studio surroundings, and of course the dealer. 

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