September 11, 2020

AGA calls for crackdown on illegal NFL online betting

AGA calls for crackdown on illegal NFL online betting

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has demanded for more action to be done concerning illegal online gambling websites, after a study predicted an increase in consumers using offshore sites to place online bets on the 2020-21 National Football League (NFL) season.

Approximately 33.2 million American adults are expected to place some form of bet on the NFL during the upcoming season, which starts on September 10, with the Kansas City Chefs playing against the Houstan Texans.

If this is the case, this would reflect a 12.6% decline on the 38 million adults that were expected to place wagers in the 2019-2020 campaign, which ended with the Chiefs winning against the San Francisco 49ers 31-20, to win the Super Bowl LIV.

This year’s study, which Morning Consult conducted on behalf of the AGA, only surveyed around 2,200 people, unlike last year’s 11,001.

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