May 21, 2020

Abelson signs deal with Low6 for PDC darts pool betting apps

Abelson signs deal with Low6 for PDC darts pool betting apps

Sports data provider Abelson Info has just signed a deal to provide darts data for two new apps to Low6, a pool betting operator. This includes the Professional Darts Corporation’s (PDC) official pool betting app.

Low6 became PDC’s official pool betting partner last month, releasing PDC Picks, a pool betting product launched just before the PDC Darts Home Tour, where professionals compete remotely.

In PDC Picks, players win points every time they are able to predict a match selection correctly. The top player receives the prize pool from participant’s entry fees.

The data has also been utilized to expand its Low6 Picks app, which features horse race betting and football as of the moment.

Abelson Info also offers a pool betting product that comes with a simplified betting process intended to attract a new and younger age group. Its core product is offered as a B2B solution to bookmakers, media businesses, sports teams, and sports leagues and provides shared liquidity across all brands on its network.

“Partnering with Abelson Info has delivered our B2B operations with a top-quality darts sports feed,” Josh Turk, Low6 chief marketing officer, said. “Our customers demand an accurate and speedy feed to accommodate current and upcoming contest offerings,” he added.

Turk also adds, “Abelson has lived up to their stellar reputation, providing Low6 with 24/7 customer service—playing an integral role in the successful exponential growth of our user base during this ever-changing environment.”

Growing interest for darts

Reuben Thomas, Abelson’s head of sales, also commented that darts has generated a lot of interest since the PDC launched the Darts Home Tour, one of the few sports events allowed to run as the world continues to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We are delighted to add Low6 to our extensive list of partners,” Thomas said. “With a dearth of sport due to the pandemic we have seen a surge in demand for our darts products.”

“The play at home style darts tournaments have proved hugely popular, our coverage was up four times from the same month last year. It’s one sport that certainly has the capability to transition online and there’s no doubt that the darts audience are hungry for action,” he added.

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