November 23, 2020

BetBlocker launches new feature for blocking online gambling

BetBlocker launches new feature for blocking online gambling

Responsible gambling app BetBlocker has just launched a new feature which makes it easier for people to exclude themselves from online gambling.

BetBlocker’s software initially relied exclusively on blocking for a specific period of time, with users being able to choose certain periods of time to prevent them from gaining access to online gambling activities.

The new calendaring feature, however, allows app users to be more specific in choosing certain days as to when they can or want to access online gambling.

By applying blocks to a calendar, users can assign specific days to stop gambling online, with the function blocking all acess to iGaming websites simultaneously.

According to BetBlocker, this would allow players to exclude themselves from gambling on weekends and allow them to do so on weekdays. Players also have the option to block out the first few days after their regular payday.

“Responsible gambling is about more than the binary option of do or don’t; it’s about helping ensure that people who enjoy gambling can access this activity in a safe and controlled manner,” Duncan Garvie, BetBlocker trustee, said.

“BetBlocker’s new calendaring feature is a leap forward for blocking softwares, extending the service from a simple o/off to a point where users can now tailor restrictions that suit their specific needs,” he added.

The launch follows the first day of Safer Gambling Week which started on November 19 and will go on until the 25th.

The Great Britain Gambling Commission officially recognized BetBlocker as a charity earlier this year. The app is focused on helping prevent problem gambling, with the app now listed as one of the six charities recognized by the regulator as an expert in prevention.

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